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SUPERGEL turning towards the world.

The international market has always been at the heart of SUPERGEL’s strategy. A dedicated exportservice was set up in 2008 which has enabled the company to unlock new markets.

SUPERGEL: a major brand in Asia

In order to seize the opportunities in Asia, SUPERGEL identified the needs of this market and offersa range of products adapted to the expectations of its future customers in this region.

Since 2008, SUPERGEL has been a major brand in the Philippines and also has a strong presence inthe Hong Kong market.

Nowadays, Asia is the N°1 market for the company.


The African market at the heart of our development

Having been considered to be of secondary importance in the company’s development for a longtime, Europe has now found its place in the export market. There is a whole range of products tomeet the expectations of the British and Scandinavian countries and Eastern Europe.

This market is still a long way from accounting for the same share as Asia and Africa, but we alsowant to develop it and respond to its different demands.

Our strong commitment to the Ivorian market has also enabled us to develop our network of fishsuppliers. SUPERGEL has been operating in the ethnic French market since 2008.

SUPERGEL has significant import capacity. The 2 companies (SUPERGEL 28 and SUPERGEL 91) havea combined storage capacity of 25,000 tonnes. As a player in the ethnic food market, SUPERGELimports around 1,000 tonnes of various types of fish (Tilapia, pangasius, horse mackerel, mackerel,catfish, sardines, groupers, barracuda..)