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The SUPERGEL adventure

The SUPERGEL 28 adventure started in 2007 when Jean-Pierre Fakhoury decided to buy a refrigerated warehouse in Nogent sur Eure near Chartres. At that time SUPERGEL 28 did not have aprocessing operation or package any meat or fish. Eurélienne had only a handful of employees and generated an annual turnover of ca. € 700,000.

An investment in the future

The SUPERGEL adventureHowever, by acquiring this organisation Jean-Pierre Fakhoury was investing in the future. He believed that further diversification was both essential and wise, and this was the launch pad forSUPERGEL 28’s development strategy. The company moved from focusing solely on refrigerated storage into the following 3 strategic domains:



- Refrigerated storage

- Meat packaging

- Development of elaborate products

The complementarity of the operations was completed by the conversion of the site. A processingplant and packaging line were created not only to introduce fluidity and total flexibility into the production and storage processes, but also primarily to enable the product to be rigorously traced.

An international presence
A company always on the lookout
  • 2008

Mr Fakhoury takes over SUPERGEL 28 and expands the refrigerated warehouses through the construction of a new cold storage room, enabling the S28 site to store 17,000 palettes at controlled minus temperatures. Opening of a packaging line and processing plant for ethnic food.

  • 2009 

SUPERGEL creates a strong identity with its new logo.

  • 2010 

- Acquisition of the former GEL2000 site in Ballancourt-sur-Essonne and creation of SUPERGEL 91.

- The warehouses are completely renovated and now have space for 9,000 palettes at minus temperatures. Construction of a new dock with an order preparation station.

- Supergel 28 now owns 2 trucks and 2 container carriers which make the journey from S28 to LEHAVRE every day. This guarantees greater flexibility and reactivity in the loading of containers andthe deliveries.

  • 2011 

The SUPERGEL 28 site is equipped with a freezing tunnel with space for 280 palettes to intensify production and relieve the pressure on the chiller in the warehouse. Every year, SUPERGEL seeks to improve the quality of its services and products. The company is constantly evolving and always investing in new projects to ensure that it guarantees its partners total reliability.