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SUPERGEL 91 is a logistics organisation located in Ballancourt-sur Essonne. The site is equipped with a refrigerated warehouse with a capacity for storing 8,000 palettes at minus temperatures (49,000m3 of storage space), and was constructed on land of ca. 8 hectares with a buildable area of 5,000m².

The warehouse is currently supplied by two refrigeration units which each have two compressors.When the warehouse is empty, it is easy to maintain it at minus temperatures (-20°C to -25°C) through the use of a compressor. With the refrigerated inactivity produced by the mass of products when the warehouse is fully loaded, the temperature can be maintained at this level by the use of a generator and a compressor.

This means that the refrigeration system generates more coldness than is actually required, thus providing maximum safety in relation to the conditions under which your products are stored.

JOHNSON CONTROL is responsible for maintaining the installations and can respond within 24hours, 7 days a week (including bank holidays) in the event of malfunction.

R22 fluid is used and will be replaced by ammoniac and C0² by 2013.



Ballancourt-sur-Essonne is located 40km away from Paris. This proximity means that it is close tothe major transport networks, limits empty transport costs, and improves the ability to negotiaterates by increasing the number of potential carriers.

SUPERGEL 91’s central position is also of particular interest for international logistics.



The initial purpose of this warehouse, which is equipped with fixed racks on 6 levels with narrow aisles, is to quickly process the goods on behalf of retail brands, manufacturers or carriers. The main aim is thus to provideservices to the large and medium-sized supermarkets, and to the restaurantand catering trade.

SUPERGEL 91’s logistics site is equipped with two docks. One of these hasan area of 600 m² at minus temperatures (currently under construction) which ensures that the cold chain is not broken during either loading or unloading. This investment was made as part of a global aim of guaranteeing product quality, and is particularly useful for the logistics linked to products that have little refrigerated inertia and which are particularly sensitive to increases in temperature.

The main services are as follows:

  • Mass storage
  • Order preparation in layers or as parcels
  • Cross docking (dispersal platform for rapid redistribution)


During 2012 and 2013, we want to extend our range of services to include thefollowing activities:

  • Mass transport to the Parisian suburbs
  • Upstream transport from our customers’ main factories and warehouses and from our warehouse in Nogent-sur-Eure
  • Co-packing / packaging with a studio enabling us tomake “customised” preparations