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SUPERGEL: a partner throughout the year

SUPERGEL works with the largest French abattoirs and cutting factories. We are more than just aclient: we have become a veritable partner who is available throughout the year. This enables oursuppliers to concentrate on their core business.

Since 2008, SUPERGEL 28 has owned a workshop for packaging and meat processing. We have alsomade investments to increase both the competitiveness and the quality of our offering.

Productivity and quality go hand in hand at SUPERGEL

Out of concern for quality and productivity, a freezing tunnel with space for 280 palettes wasintegrated at the point of exit for the two packaging lines in April 2012.

Given that productivity and quality are inseparable, SUPERGEL has been able, via this tunnel, toguarantee fast and deep freezing of the product.



In order to satisfy growing demand for the SUPERGEL product across the world, we increasedproduction of our frozen meat from 75 tonnes/week in 2008 to 700 tonnes/week in 2012.

Our short term aim is to reach a packaging capacity of 1,000 tonnes/week. This will enable us tooffer more products to our customers and to strengthen the links with our suppliers.


We also offer our customers different types of packaging depending on the products and markets,as each market has its own specific features:

  • Fixed weight carton 
  • Variable weight carton 
  • Polyblock 
  • Plain block
  • Bulk packaging 
  • Layered packaging